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BeeRVing America

In Search of the Country's Best Brews

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What do you get if you throw a laptop, a loveable senior pup, two humans, a Class C motorhome, and a lot of beer into a keg?

BeeRVing America, an amazing social media account that lets viewers in on all the best spots across the country to grab a pint of your new favorite cold one.

Originally based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Diana and her boyfriend Alex started the RV lifestyle by taking once-a-month brewery road trips to expand on their love of beer. After a night out and about three beers too many, they decided it was time to turn those trips into a permanent lifestyle. Three months later they sold their home, most of their belongings, and bought their first class C motorhome to hit the road with each other and their sweet dog, Zuri.

Fast forward five years and the couple is still going strong on their full-time brewthru lifestyle, as well as focusing on workamping along the way in order to make an income for all their beer-ventures.

Diana’s love for craft beer stems from her years behind the bar at many craft beer bars as well as Belgian beer cafes, mostly located around Milwaukee, Wi.

Their favorite places to boondock (dry camp) while traveling between jobs is a brewery with a large parking lot where they can park for the night, drink fantastic local beers, and get to know the regulars — and it doesn’t hurt if Zuri can join in on the fun! They are currently camp hosting in Iowa for the summer after spending most of winter driving down the Baja peninsula.

Diana and Alex have compiled a list of their top favorite beers from across the country exclusively for I Heart RVing readers. Next time you’re on the road, be sure to check out these RV friendly breweries.

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