Max Your Shade, Keep Your View

Looking for custom shading solutions for your home-on-wheels? Look no further than Magne Shade, our favorite in the RV industry. And it’s not just us. They have a customer base filling parking spots all across the continent—and for good reason. Here’s our breakdown on what makes Magne Shade not only the best, but also the coolest option to keep your RV real shady.

Magnashade Looking Out

It Keeps Your RV Cool—Reliably

Blocking the sun without blocking your view

Each shade is produced stateside in North Carolina—made with quality you’d expect in the ole U.S. of A. Magne Shade is tough and reliable, with superior design, quality, and attention to detail. Their products are year-, make-, and model-specific, so you can easily outfit your RV with custom shading solutions from top to bottom.

And you’ll want to. One of the best things about Magne Shade is that it blocks the sun without blocking your view. Ninety percent of harmful UV rays are kept out. The view says in. Which gives you substantial heat reduction, daytime privacy, and a clear field of vision wherever you park.

It’s Shade Made Easy

Making installation a no-sweat process

Magne Shade installs like magic. There are no snaps. No suction cups. No holes in your RV. You won’t even have to touch a ladder. Instead, each Magne Shade system uses a small and extremely powerful Rare Earth magnet. Magnets are mounted to the glass in your RV with a high-temp 3m peel and stick tape. (Easy.) When raising the Magne Shade up to the glass using a telescoping rod, the magnets on the glass attract to the magnets in the shade and hold it tight to the glass. (Also easy.)

Flat out, it’s one of the simplest, most durable ways to install a shading solution. Once installed, you can set up your Magne Shade in seconds. And storage is just as easy.

Magnashade Personalize

You Can Personalize Your Shades

Giving you multiple options for custom design

Your RV says something about you (I think we said as much in the premier issue of our magazine). It should be customizable. And Magne Shade gives you that option in very visible areas for your RV. All their products are customizable with digital printing upgrades.

You can send in whatever high-resolution images you’d like. (Start thinking about that one right now.) Or, if your prefer, they’ll even let your choose from a library of over 5 million stock images. Whatever you want to make your rig stand out in the campground. Your RV, your choice.

Magnashade Tire Cover

You Can Even Protect Your Tires

Covering where the rubber meets the road

Magne Shade has a solution for stationary RVs, the EZ Fold Tire Shade. It’s tire-size specific (thank you) and covers the most vulnerable section of the rubber, which is the sidewall. And, because it’s Magne Shade, it’s easy to put on. The system uses a three-point elastic strapping system to secure the cover to the tire. Once the EZ Fold Tire Shade is in place, you will hardly notice that there is a cover installed; it appears just like the side wall.

Look, there’s no reason for your RV—or your thermostat—to get bullied by the sun. Not while Magne Shade is available. Which it is. If you need a cooler RV shading solution, good luck finding one that’s easier, faster, more fun, or more functional. (We sure haven’t.) Which is why we heart Magne Shade to the max.

Get in the Shade

Find the coolest fit for your RV with Magne Shade.

Visit MagneShade.com

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