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Bauer Products stands for quality, but we love to give you options, too. Bauer leads the RV industry with the most Keyed Alike options.

The Bauer Keyed Alike System allows RV enthusiasts to enjoy the security and convenience of having just one key for all latches and locks. There are more than two dozen handles and locks that can be keyed alike, from entrance door latches to compartment door latches, from ramp/shower/leveling door latches to accessories like padlocks and locking handrails. Bauer Products has something to make your life easier.

"We continue to expand our product line to offer more keyed alike options, including more entrance door options like our BP-35 squeeze latch and the innovative styling of the BP-29 euro latch," Bruce Bacon, Owner and President of Engineering, said. "We really enjoy going to rallies and talking to users to get ideas. We get great suggestions that we strive to incorporate in our designs."

Keyed Alike handles and locks from Bauer Products can be added to your existing RV and even be rekeyed to match existing Bauer handles so you get the benefit of having just one key for all your handles and locks.

Bauer Products has also turned to technology to make your life easier by introducing keyless handles with touchpads and evolved to Bluetooth-capable handles with apps for smartphones and smartwatches.

"We believe Bluetooth has been a game-changer to be able to access your lock easier," Bacon said. "We're all about making life easier for RV owners. The development of our Close Field Technology allows our entry lock to operate similar to a vehicle lock with a key fob. We believe that revolutionizes convenience and security for RV owners."

"From talking to RV owners, we absorbed a lot of feedback and got a good idea of necessary features. We designed it in a way that lets multiple devices pair with the locks so more than one person in a family can manage them. It's all about convenience and security. The smartphone and smartwatch apps are all about making accomplishing that easy for the RV owner."

Bluetooth handles from Bauer Products have these features:

  • Close Field Technology: Just push one button to unlock while the paired device is nearby.
  • Pair with multiple devices.
  • Fits standard RV entry door cutout. Easy upgrade!
  • Make use of the Keyed Alike system and retrofit your RV’s locks and handles. Match the lock to other Bauer locks and have just one key for all doors and latches (even for your propane tank with our Keyed Alike padlock and LP Tank Lock).
  • Alsentis HSS Technology: Touchpad senses human touch … wet conditions not a problem.

About Bauer

In business for more than 60 years, this Grand Rapids, Michigan-based company is family owned and proud of it. Bauer Products also has a distribution facility in Elkhart, Indiana, right in the midst of many of the major RV manufacturers.

For more information, contact Bauer Products at 866-682-2837 or visit our website at www.bauerproducts.com.

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