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Keystone RV Customers Get Major Upgrade with Environmentally Safe, High-performance Dragonfly Energy Lithium-ion Batteries Installed Standard

New Keystone RV customers can expect a major upgrade in their purchase of all new travel trailers and fifth wheels now coming as standard or optional OEM equipment with Dragonfly Energy Corp. Lithium-ion battery technology, thanks to an exclusive agreement between the two companies. Environmentally safe, high performing and maintenance free, Dragonfly Energy Lithium-ion batteries have changed the way the RV industry looks at energy storage while creating a power-packed combination for users.

Dragonfly Energy, the U.S.-based leader in Lithium-ion battery technology, offers 10-times longer lifespan, 3-times the power, 5-times the energy density and 5-times the charging speed compared to traditional lead-acid batteries that are currently standard in most RVs and travel trailers. Plus, Dragonfly Energy batteries are engineered and assembled in the U.S at their headquarters in Reno, Nevada.

“Keystone RV continues to lead the industry in innovation, and Dragonfly Energy is proud to be their lithium battery supplier creating more opportunities for adventurers to do what they love for longer while staying off grid with confidence,” Wade Seaburg, director of business development for Dragonfly Energy, said. “Our relationship has spanned many years, and this will allow our batteries to be included in towable RV’s before hitting the dealership lot and covered under the factory warranty. The customer experience of a Keystone RV has greatly increased with the adoption of Dragonfly Energy batteries.”

Keystone RV dealers will also be exclusive aftermarket dealers for Dragonfly Energy batteries through Keystone’s SolarFlex™ packages and as stand-alone products.

“Dragonfly Energy has always strived to be the most innovative Lithium-ion battery technology company in the industry,” Dr. Denis Phares, PhD, CEO of Dragonfly Energy, said. “We are proud to expand our relationship with Keystone RV–a company that has always shared our desire for both innovation and customer service. The interest in electrification in the RV industry has increased dramatically, and we believe that this deal will yield great progress in this field and further enhance the excitement that has developed among RV manufacturers and consumers.”

This agreement is game-changing for Dragonfly and RVers. For the first time, Dragonfly Energy’s brand of products and their revolutionary technology is available to the public for the most widespread accessibility to renewable energy storage. Combined with Keystone’s SolarFlex™ program, RVs equipped with industry-leading Lithium-ion technology transform what travelers can do on and off the road.

An RV lifestyle powered by renewable energy makes for not only a sustainable experience, but an elevated one. With Dragonfly Energy and Keystone RV’s SolarFlex™ program coming together, it builds a reality for campers beyond what has been easily attainable before—one that allows them to power more than they ever have before, travel off the grid and staying there for longer periods of time, all while feeling safe and confident in the reliable products that power their experience.

All Dragonfly Energy batteries include a groundbreaking 10-year warranty, an end-of-life return and recycling program, and a dedicated technical support number exclusive to Keystone customers. Products purchased by dealers for aftermarket sales will also include these benefits, in addition to special dealer pricing, installation support, training from Dragonfly Energy’s technical service teams, and expedited shipping.

Dragonfly Energy Corp. is one of America’s fastest-growing and RV industry-leading Lithium-ion battery technology companies. Keystone RV Company is the #1 manufacturer of towable RVs in North America.

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