Halo Voice assistant in DRV RV galley

DRV Luxury Suites and Winegard Launches New AI-Enabled Voice Assistant

Luxury fifth wheel and toy hauler manufacturer, DRV Luxury Suites, launched a new AI-enabled voice assistant, RV HaloTM by WinegardTM, to help consumers better control and monitor their RVs.

RV Halo uses artificial intelligence to recognize voice commands that control features including security cameras, temperature settings, audio-visual controls, the RV-C interface, and more. Its voice commands integrate with Amazon Alexa commands, and are available to use both online and offline. Winegard Director of Product Management, Lance Beck, explained, “It uses offline voice commands for anything related to control and monitoring where you don’t need an internet connection. So you can say, ‘Ok, RV, set up camp’ and it will run through all the actions of deploying the slides, deploying the awnings, turning on the lights, turning on your AV system, leveling the RV–anything related to getting set up after you’re parked at the campsite.”

The RV Halo integrates with existing control and multiplexing systems, and users can access, control and check almost every facet of their RV living space by using natural language voice prompts. For example, RV Halo can control devices, lighting, slide outs, and awnings, and it can check tank levels, battery voltage, internet status, and direct spark ignition monitoring with ease. It also includes optional motion safety switches to ensure the safe operation of slide outs, using a key fob-shaped button that must be held down during slide out operation. If the button is released or the signal is lost for any reason, the RV Halo will immediately stop the progress of the slides.

RV Halo has been in development for years and will debut as an option on all DRV Luxury Suites, starting April 1st. “With technology changing and becoming fully integrated into all aspects of our lives, including smart homes, we wanted to explore how we could integrate similar technology into RVs, stated Shawn James, General Manager, DRV Luxury Suites. “Product development is about making the RV experience better for our customers, and Halo provides this opportunity of technology, better experiences and product differentiation for your customers.”

The RV Halo by Winegard will be available to add during the build process exclusively for DRV Luxury Suites models that option ASA iN•Command.

To learn more about DRV LUXURY SUITES® products, visit www.drvsuites.com and join the conversation on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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